Melanie Espeland

Melanie is the Founder, CEO, and principal Executive Coach of Espeland Enterprises. Through her podcasts, television appearances, and webinars for the likes of Fairygodboss and Cornell University, she’s been able to support 100’s of leaders discover their authentic voices and executive presence, gain clarity on their path, and overall lead a more successful professional life. Melanie is a Member of Forbes Council, and has been featured in outlets such as NBC, ABC, Business Insider, and more.
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Is Your Goal to Be More Confident?

Have you struggled with imposter syndrome or with feeling confident in yourself? Listen below as Melanie describes strategies to increase confidence and feelings of empowerment using authenticity and voice. 



Tips to Sound Powerful

Melanie reveals her tips and tricks for establishing your most powerful tone of voice. Listen below as she shares her insight! 

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Tips to Buy Yourself Time When You Are Not Sure What to Say

Ever run into a situation where you aren't sure how to answer the question? Listen as Melanie teaches us how to buy more time when met with those situations.



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