Jessica Speer

Jessica is the award-winning author of BFF or NRF, A Girls Guide to Happy Friendships and Middle School–Safety Goggles Advised. Blending humor, a dash of science, stories, and insights, her writing unpacks the social stuff that peaks during adolescence. She has a master’s degree in social sciences and explores topics in ways that connect with kids. Jessica is regularly featured in and contributes to media outlets on topics related to kids, teens, parenting, and social-emotional development.
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Tips for Future Children’s

Jessica shares her wisdom as an author and how you can get involved, too!

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Strict Parenting

"If you have a tough topic to tackle with somebody do it while you're driving, so you both can sort of look ahead and you're not forced eye to eye contact. Sometimes it's easier." -Jessica Speer

Jessica shares some key parenting advice.

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Popularity in Middle School

Jessica shares how popularity peaks in kids and how we can recognize and parent around it.

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